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InterACTIVE Nutrition® is a 12 year old, Canadian based manufacturer of high quality sports nutrition products, and other nutritional supplements, including protein powders, nutrition bars, vitamins and other unique health food products. Unlike most other supplement companies, we design and manufacture our products in our own Canadian government certified cGMP production facility. (The cGMP designation in Canada is similar to the FDA standards for manufacturing in the United States.) By owning and operating our manufacturing facility we have total quality control over our ingredients, our product formulations, graphic designs and manufacturing processes to bring our customers the very finest in state of the art nutritional products.


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Interactive Nutrition- Mammoth Amino 100servings See details
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An intra-workout formula designed specifically to create an anabolic environment, to spare muscle & help you train harder & longer. Get the most out of your training & get the gains you deserve.
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