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Glutamine (sometimes known as L-glutamine) is an amino acid. Because the human body can produce glutamine on its own, it is not an "essential" amino acid. However, the body may benefit from extra glutamine in times of severe physical stress, such as hard weight training workouts, intense excercise training sessions & dieting. This amino acid has been shown to be a great anti-catabolic agent, it protects the muscle from the catabolic activities of the hormone cortisol. Glutamine is also known for being a contributor to muscle cell volume, and to have immune system enhancing properties. It also helps in the following ways: Helps speed healing and recovery after surgery, help the body recover from illness or injury, maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, and most importantantly for maintaining muscle tissue, making glutamine a useful supplement for athletes and bodybuilders.


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ALL American EFX - GlutaZorb 120caps See details
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Research suggests that regular glutamine degrades in the stomach by as much as 25%(1). Therefore, for glutamine to be delivered to the bloodstream efficiently, a stable form is needed that can make it through the stomach's harsh acid environment.
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Muscle Pharm - Glutamine 300g See details
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MusclePharm Core Series Glutamine is a unique blend of three types of Glutamine: L-Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides and Alanyl-l-glutamin. These aid in muscle growth, recovery time and digestion.*
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